Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Every day for us something new (except today)

Been doing boring stuff for dinner, spaghetti, salad with pork strips (instead of chicken or steak), hot dogs, just regular non blog worthy food.

I'm also trying to whittle down my pantry so that IF we manage to get to the states for the end of the month I won't have a lot of food in the house while we're gone.

We did have a fun cookout with our neighbors (well half a cookout) for the 4th. One neighbor cooked everyone's meat (hot dogs, ribs, steak strips, Korean style ribs) on the grill while the kids all played in the yard, and we all made our own sides, then the bugs set in so we divided up the meat and ate in our own houses.

I'm also slowly on the mend with my ankle, and my hand is feeling about half better? See totally not blog worthy at all.


  1. Well, at least we know you're still on the mend!

  2. Hey, as long as you don't hurt yourself again? TOTALLY blog worthy!


  3. yeah, it's been a way slower process for both injuries than I would have liked. I'm hoping that I will be most of the way better by the time we try to take this trip!

  4. When do you expect to be at 100%? any estimates?

  5. no idea, tried sitting outside to weed my flower beds, and my ankle was not happy with me. after about 20 min it felt all tingly and ants crawling over it, and then sharp shooting pains, just from sitting cross legged on the ground. I get it looked at again the 23rd. my hand is feeling better tho. not all the way, but better.