Monday, June 28, 2010

Flight of the bumble bee

Supper last night (the bottom pic) was brought to you by: OH SHOOT it's 7:00 and I haven't started cooking yet! AND This is what's left in the pantry and freezer.

I had planned on cooking these chicken breast strips, and tiny red potatoes, so they were thawed (thankfully). I coated my largest cast iron skillet in olive oil, and threw in some salt, pepper, onion, garlic, and marjoram. Halved the potatoes, and placed them all cut side down to crisp and heat thru (the good thing about frozen potatoes, is they kinda turn to mush when you thaw them, so they take no time to actually cook). The pan was pretty full since I used 2 bags of potatoes to feed my army. I had 2 bottles of varying amounts of the same kind of BBQ sauce left in the fridge, go figure. I added a little water to one, shake shake shake, pour into the next bottle, shake shake shake, to combine for a full bottle of slightly watery BBQ sauce. I used an entire 2.5 lb bag of the bonless/skinless chicken breast strips and just lined my pan with them (again a pretty full pan here) and dumped the whole bottle of sauce in, let it simmer and the sauce reduce. Some of the kids wanted sliced pears, and DH wanted Pineapple Chunks, while I wanted Guava paste (it's in the Hispanic section I think?, I get mine via my Panamanian friend/neighbor who gets it sent to her from her dad in NY). It's kinda half way between Jello/Jam/Dried fruit.

The top two pics were a Quiche I made Thursday. It was missing Sausage, so it wasn't my favorite, but the kids gobbled it up, and it had bacon bits on top so DH was in heaven!

I use a casserole dish to make my quiche in because I don't like dainty slices, I want to eat one piece and be DONE (unless it's a brunch, then I do it in a cupcake pan tho, and it's snack size). It takes a double batch of pie crust, 1 doz eggs, 1 lb bag frozen spinach, and 1 cup parmesean cheese, 2 cans drained mushrooms (or 1pt fresh chopped) and usually 1lb cooked sausage, garnish with bacon bits (I make my own).

Just crack and beat the eggs, then stir in the spinach and mushrooms, some salt and pepper, and sausage (if you have it). Pour into the pie crust lined casserole. I use the parmesean to create a top crust, just coat the top with it, it'll melt and harden as it cooks, and be YUM.

Quiche is one of those dishes that you can pretty much add what ever you like to, if it'll be good in an omelet it'll be good in this. Bake at 350 for about an hour, you kinda have to slice into the middle and peek in to see if it's still runny in there.

Pie crust, 1 1/4 cup flour, 1/2 tsp salt, 1 stick butter, 3 tbs COLD water, mush the salt, flour and butter, together, till it barely holds it's shape, then drizzle in the water a little bit at a time till a nice dough is formed. Let sit for at least 10 min, roll/pat out.


  1. You are kidding? Wait... so you are just putting the eggs and spinich in and than laying the parm on top for a crust?

    Omg - that sounds so easy and so good Im drooling myself.

    For real? This works?

  2. yup, it works, and it's yum (although I like it better with sausage mixed in too)

  3. What isn't better with sausage? LOL

    Oh well I guess the stuff you add bacon to...but besides that...