Thursday, January 13, 2011

Tea, a drink with Jam and Bread

It's a half day at school today, and the kids are missing it. But I had the kids ask their teachers what they would be doing while they were in class yesterday , and they were told, "just this one test, here go ahead and take it now" (their teachers know me too well). So, they're hanging out at the house with me for an extra day! WOOO HOO! also, Monday is a holiday, can you say 4 day weekend!!!

We kicked it off last night with them scrubbing down the bathrooms while I did the steak strips and potatoes (bribery for this morning).

This morning I did a large brunch: blueberry crepes (just thinned out some pancake batter and added an extra egg) (I use Krusteaz) with rasperry jam, bacon cooked under the broiler, canned fruit cocktail, "fancy" scrambled eggs (sour cream, dried parsley, Mc Cormik gourmet burger seasoning; like a dip on top of the eggs), Rose Hip and Hibiscus tea (I get the herbs separate and mix my own tea, I use a French press to make the tea). The crepes did not turn out as well as they do when I make them from scratch, the Krusteaz does good for waffles tho. I just didn't have anything to use for Crepe filling and thought if I used the blueberry mix it would be a good substitute for plain crepes. live and learn I guess. They turned out to be OK thin pancakes tho.

The kids set the table with place mats that DH's Grandma made, some ceramic plates I bought at a yard sale right before I got married (they were my "china", I have matching bowls, tea cups and saucers), mixed tea cups picked up for DD#1 at various places for her tea parties, and had me put all our food in fancy dishes. Then everyone got their bears out. I couldn't argue since they have already agreed to help me scrub the floors today. (they want to go to the amusement park at some point this weekend)


  1. We had savory crepes for dinner last night! Bummer the pancake mix method didn't work out, if it had it would've been an easy way for me to make some at school. But I'm sure yours were delicious regardless.

    Haha, I like that you do bribes and trades with your kids--teddy bear tea parties in exchange for scrubbing floors seems like a better deal on your part! Mega-adorable photos.

  2. I ended up with a migraine, woke up feeling not quite 100% and it just got worse, so we are doing a quick tidy up instead. Floor scrubbing tomorrow tho!

    and sometimes bribing works better than fussing, I just don't do it all the time, cause then it looses it's charm! (and ends up being more work for me, or the kids think that they need it in order to help around the house!)