Friday, June 18, 2010

Alohoa Oy

There is no pic of this, and that is sad, because it's pretty and colorful and most importantly YUMMM!

Hawaiian Chicken. It was one of the dishes I made and just didn't have the energy to blog about before, but now that all I can manage is to sit here with my foot up, I've got PLENTY of time!

I make this in large batches because it keeps well in the fridge and is a dish that is almost better as leftovers.

1 bag of boneless, skinless Chicken thighs cut into bite size pieces
1 large can of fruit cocktail
1 large can of pineapple chunks
1 medium onion rough chopped
2 cans stewed tomatoes (or 2 pints of halved cherry/grape tomatoes) (use what ever you have on had/whichever is cheaper)
1 bag frozen sliced bell peppers (2-3 sliced bell peppers of various colors, again, what ever you have on hand/whichever is cheaper)
salt, pepper, Chinese 5 Spice (season to taste)

Everything into a LARGE roasting pan, and bake at 350 till chicken is done (stirring 2 or 3 times to make sure all the chicken gets cooked)

Put this over rice, it has a sweet and sour thing happening with the fruit and the onions and peppers.

I also usually have everything in the pantry to make this dish at all times.

Another fun chicken dish I learned from a friend, we just call it Zesty Chicken
2 lb chicken breast meat cut up (if you have a smaller family use less chicken and only half bottles of dressings)
1 bottle Italian dressing
1 bottle ranch dressing
Maranade the chicken in the dressings, then dump it in a baking dish all together and add in 2 bags of that broccoli, carrot, cauliflower veggie mix. bake at 350 till chicken is done

Put over Tri color pasta. It's creamy and zesty, and colorful, and as close to a casserole as we get in our house.


  1. OhmiGOSH. That Hawaiian chicken sounds GOOD. Roomie and I must try that! Thanks, J!

  2. OH wow! You know I would totally try this without the tomatoes because that would get passed no ones mouth. seeeesh! But yea, besides that! I think it was be loved!

  3. I saw your note about the hundred yen store and finding something, the stalker moment... lol.. and thats not the first time I've had a similar moment about you! I think it might have been about a cookbook or recipe or something I wanted to email maybe? I cant remember lol. And the last time I quick went to your profile and found you dont have an email and I couldnt email you!

    See your not the only one! lol

    Hit my contact link in the top bar...

  4. Tracy, it's just as good without the tomatoes, we just love them in our house, and eat them whenever we can, heck we just slice them up, sprinkle with salt and pepper and have them as snacks sometimes, so, feel free to eat it without the tomatoes. (one time, I added bacon, cause um, bacon is YUM, and it added an interesting salty ness, but was not worth the extra work, or grease on top) and one time I did it with just pineapple, it's a pretty forgiving dish.