Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I'm a driver, I'm a winner; things are gonna change, I can feel it.

I've been neglectful, I have no excuse. Been cooking, and sometimes I take pics, but just haven't felt like blogging it.

So, here's my attempt at catching up in a series of posts. Lame I know.

From bottom up (cause that's oldest to newest, one day I'll figure out the order to load them in so I can talk about them in an order that makes sense!).

Cheesy Orzzo (saute 1/2 small onion in butter, and then add uncooked pasta, toss around till some is browned, add in 1 box chicken broth, and some water, cook till tender, and 1/2 lb cheddar cheese till melty). My kids won't eat home made Mac and Cheese but they'll eat this, go figure. Spinach and Corn with ham flavor. That's it no trick, DS#1 invented it about 2 years ago, the kids love it. Pan fried pork chops, I herbed them with randomness and then fried them in a skillet on the stove top till golden and crisp.

Cheaters Chili. 2 lbs Lean ground beef 2 packets Taco seasoning, 2 cans Black Beans, 3 cans Stewed tomatoes in the flavor of your choosing (I think I used plain, garlic, and bell pepper) most of a family size bag of frozen corn, half a bottle of BBQ sauce (I use the Jack Daniels Honey Smokehouse kind) 1 small can of tomato paste, water. Brown meat with taco seasoning, add the cans without draining and then the rest. Heat, enjoy. It really did taste like I had cooked it all day, and it only took about 20 min. Best of all, it fed my kids twice more for lunch! (I think it would freeze nicely too!)

Chicken broth soup. The name pretty much sums it up. Dice up some chicken breats, add to crock pot, add in some broth and some bullion, and 2 bags of soy beans right at the end, put over rice. The kids were not feeling too swell after about a weeks worth of rain and being damp, so we had a light supper one night.

And lastly a melted finger. I was stiring some rice in a pot, it was all gooey and bubbly, and it splattered. Before I could wipe/rinse or anything it melted the flesh off. YAY.

The offending dish was YUM, but not photogenic tho. It was Mexican rice, the way my Mexican neighbors taught me to make it in Idaho is this (the only thing I added is the ground beef, cause my DH likes it with meat in). Beans, and home made tortilla chips.

Saute 1 onion with butter, and 3 cups uncooked rice, till rice is nice and golden, add in water, and chicken bullion and 2 cans stewed tomatoes with green chilies. Cook (stirring occasionally) till rice is tender (I brown ground beef first, and add that in). In the crock pot, 1lb pinto beans and about 3/4 gal water, cook on hi all day till beans are tender, then add chicken bullion or salt or both, to taste. Mash slightly. Cut up some Tortillias (we use flour, cause that's what Dh likes) and fry in a large pot full of oil (BE CAREFUL) (or use a fry daddy thinger) lightly salt. Enjoy your fresh tortilla chips, and rice and beans! YUM, just don't melt your finger (I've been making this dish for about 3 years and it's the first time I've melted my finger, so don't worry, it's unlikely).


  1. That cheesy orzo sounds delicious and something I could handle cooking (I mostly bake--non-dessert or bread things are too intimidating). And, ouch, your finger! D: Do you have fresh aloe you can put on it? Hope it gets better fast. Hand injuries are so annoying.

  2. no aloe, I iced it, and didn't want to fool with it beyond that since there wasn't much skin left, it's not a really good pic, but it peeled off like 3 layers of flesh! and it's mostly healed up (a week later) all new skin, and itches like MAD!!