Monday, April 5, 2010

Folks in a town that was quite remote heard Lay ee odl lay ee odl lay hee hoo

Mexi-Chicken Pasta Salad
1.5 boxes med size penne pasta cooked and drained
2 cans drained black olives
1 lb bag steamed and salted soy beans
1 can plain stewed tomatoes
1 can stewed tomatoes with bell peppers
1 can green chillies
1 bag boneless skinless chicken thighs broiled in a bottle of Mojito (spelling) by Goya marinade (looks like a wine bottle, with a blue plastic shrink wrapped top. says it's for pork and chicken, you have to shake all the spices back up)

Drain the tomatoes, dice the cooked chicken, then add everything to a large bowl, including a few ladles of the pan drippings (marinade) from the cooked chicken. Toss to combine. Good warm or cold as left overs.

Threw this together the 24th. the kids loved it, the first 2 times they ate it. I ate it for lunch about 3 times after that. It made a lot, oops. LOL

Then I made Sheppard's Pie on the 26th.
Mashed potatoes layered with ground beef cooked with onions, steamed broccoli and Colby Jack cheese. I start with the meat and onions on bottom, then a little cheese, then the veg, the potatoes and top it off with the rest of the cheese, bake till the cheese is bubbly (it's all pre cooked anyway).

I couldn't keep this on the kids (or neighbor's) plates, and it's been requested more often by all involved.

The 28th I made Dirty Spaghetti (again) and roasted a chicken (again). Halved the bird and cooked it on a bed of green onions, bell peppers, and sliced carrots.
DH had a friend over to play video games all afternoon, and the kids were clamoring for their favorite pasta dish, they passed on the chicken tho. The "boys" cleaned their plates between battles with beasts.

I turned the 2 breasts and 1 leg quarter, back bone, neck, liver and various innards into soup in the following days, along with some sliced carrots, broccoli and the mashed potatoes that didn't' fit into the Sheppard's pie (to thicken the broth). Add a box of chicken stock and the pan drippings and enough water to fill the pot.

I think that catches me up again! LOL
I swear I mean to do this every day but then I get tired, or busy, or just plain forget, you can thank Kendra for getting on to me and motivating me into posting tonight!


  1. YAY! Where have you been!! I was wondering :)

  2. Yooooh-delll-laaay-deeeee-yoo del lay hee heeeeeee...

    Great now that's stuck in my head.

    Tracy don't let her fool ya. Her "lazy" is normal people's "being a whirlwind of doin' stuff." ;-)

    I couldn't figure out the title till I got to the shepherd's pie. For a sec I thought you'd made goat.

    Oh, and Goya makes the best marinades. Mojo Crillo is really sodium-y, but goooood.

  3. potAto/potatoe (that didn't work as well typed out as it does when I say it out loud)
    Lazy is always subjective LJ!

    goat is YUM when you grill it...mmm goat, but yeah it was all about the shepherd's pie.

    great now I want to grill me some goat, I wonder where I could find some.....