Friday, April 30, 2010

It's the final countdown

The ER Dr was the same I'd seen Monday, which saved me a lot of talking. I just explained the horror of my NON appointment the day before.

She was aghast. Looked at my xray again, gave me a half-cast and an appointment for orthopedics herself as part of my discharge instructions. Thus sidestepping my own Dr entirely. YAY!

Turns out not only did I bang up my knuckle I also fractured a bone in my hand in a couple places so I get a half cast (it's removable) for the next month. I can take it off for showering and if I'm resting, but if I'm lifting anything or moving around the house or driving or anything other than, sitting or sleeping I get to have it on.

She also gave me Percocet (man I love that stuff). But it turns out the half cast was what did the trick because it immobilized my hand and not just my finger.

The ladies at Church are bringing us supper for the next few days, and DH should be home early next week (cross your fingers he's on the first plane out, and that it doesn't get grounded for repairs).


  1. One thing I gotta say, those Church Ladies are on the ball! Thank goodness for the kind, supportive people in this world.

    The removable half-cast is a fantastico idea. I've never really seen those before.

    (I don't get the song title choice for this post...I'm dumb today.)

  2. the ladies at Church are in deed on the ball, and have been bringing dinner about the time we all start thinking, "gee when's dinner going to get here?

    The half cast is kind of a pain, if I don't get it on JUST so it rubs my wrist painfully and I have to readjust it. and really casts come in so many wonderful colors these days, but ace bandages just come in beige, and I'm NOT a beige! LOL

    the song title is in reference to the eminent return of my DH (tomorrow noonish, if all goes well) it was pretty obscure, you're not dumb.

  3. They didn't see a break? Is that what you're saying honey? For real? I feel so bad for you... so bad.

    You poor thing...

  4. just a fracture in a couple places, eh, I'm not sure if this is worse or better? lol