Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I fall to pieces

Yesterday was a MESS.

I woke up and called the Radiologist about my hand, who just said I needed a new X-ray and to see the orthopedic. GREAT. To do that I need a referral from my regular Dr. (free health care comes with lots of hoops).

I got an appointment with my Dr. and someone to watch the littlest two kids, circle the parking lot twice to find and parking spot and then have to try parking 3ish times (it's difficult to park when your hand is in a splint) all that makes me a few min late for the apt. I'm informed at the front desk that the Dr has moved on to the next patient and will NOT BE SEEING ME now, because I was supposed to be there 20 min early (the Tech who I was on the phone with neglected to mention this) so even had I been "on time" I would have been late.

She then hands me a slip of paper and says most helpfully how I've been rescheduled for Friday.


The vicodin has stopped working for the pain that this is causing, and the Dr won't give me anything stronger with out having seen me first ( the irony is not lost on me). Try icing it and continue with the Mortin they say. I'm in tears at the front desk (me crying in public here, that's how bad it hurts) because I have to wait 2 more days for my hand to get a fresh xray so that I can get the referral to the orthopedic clinic (that is walk-ins only!).

I pick up the little ones from my friends house, and then get home just before the bus drops of the older two.

That morning I had started a Chuck Roast in the crock pot with 1 box of beef stock and some water and a heafty few shakes of Gourmet burger seasoning and salt. I set it on high and let it do it's thing all day.

By 4 pm I'm in so much pain from my hand that I try taking 2 of the vicodin (in hopes that it'll take the edge off) and I can finish supper, no dice. DD#2 thinks she needs to grab either at the splint or the ice pack that are on my hand, and I just can't take much more.

Thank goodness for neighbors and friends, I took her next door to play with her BFF (another baby only a few months older than her).

I also realize that there is NO way I am going to be able to cut up the cabbage or carrots or be able to lift the pot of water for the pasta, let alone shred the roast for the beef and cabbage gravy I have planned for supper. And this is where I get to say, I LOVE MISSIONARIES! (for those of you who don't know I am LDS)

The single missionaries came over and gave me a blessing (which helped me to calm down), and the Couple missionaries came over and the Sister finished preparing our supper for me. It turned out beautifully, and there is enough for tonight.

I'm debating on going back to the ER this morning since the meds aren't doing anything for the pain. But I'm not looking forward to driving at all. And I'm afraid they'd just tell me there's nothing they can do till my Dr refers me to otrho anyway.


  1. Oh noooo... I don't even know what to say for real. I don't even know. Besides going back to the ER and just melting down, passing out...vomiting maybe? Thats just awful.

    I hope you feel better soon. for real, honey and of course you cant cook! what were you thinking????

  2. i was thinking i could chop veg? i don't like limitations, so this is HARD for me. also i don't cry, EVER so that's rather embarrassing. but no worries I'll not be cooking for a few days

    and thanks!