Sunday, February 14, 2010

Gotta have a Montage

Been sick again/still so I've not had the energy to do much cooking or grocery shopping. Meals have been rather low key around here or just plain take out (which I'm not proud of).

In the past few nights we've had Tuna salad wrapped in lettuce leaves, halved cherry tomatoes with S&P, and Ritz Flips Cheddar and Pretzel Crackers. Grilled Cheese and canned fruit cocktail. Pizza. Cleaned out the various left overs from the fridge. Burger King.

Not the highest point in my cooking career, but when you're coughing so hard you loose your breath, or when unloading the dishwasher/walking up the flight of stairs in your home makes you winded you do what you can to keep bellies full. And then hope no one has a melt down on your watch.

There's some Salmon Fillets in the fridge thawing and some fresh green beans and mushrooms I picked up at a farmers market I happened across while on an errand this week that I'd like to saute` and have with some rice. We shall see how I feel later tho. DH is home, maybe he'll give me a hand in the kitchen, if I promise we don't have to eat take out?

I go back to the Dr tomorrow, I am hoping that they can do something other than dope me up.


  1. Followed you over from my 'I cut off my finger post' and nice to meet you! Sorry you cut yours off too though :) I know how you feel about cooking when your sick though - especially with something that sounds like bronchitis maybe... impossible.

    its nice enough for you to try!

  2. I really hope the doc could find out what's wrong. When I had my crazy cold (that you thought was pneumonia but then it cleared up finally), I totally had those horrible energy slumps, too. Some of the worst were really scary.

    See, I told you a "Hi, I've been sick" update post was ok. :-)

  3. So the Dr from the ER gave me paperwork that said my apt was at 10am and when I showed up (out of breath cause my section of the clinic is at the opposite end from the entrance), they informed me that this was a mistake and that my apt is at 2pm, UGH!! SO back home, did I mention I had woken up DH do drive me, because driving while out of breath DOES NOT SOUND SAFE, and it was raining still, and we had to drag DS#2 and DD#2 out with us? SO, for trip number two DH has informed me that he will be staying home with the little ones, and I can drive myself, so cross your fingers I don't have a coughing fit and crash.

    also, HI to the Suburban Mom!, and as I'm sure you've figured out, I'm not Japanese, my DH is in the AF, and we're in Okinawa (a Southern Island that's a prefecture of Japan (think "Florida of Japan"))

  4. Yes, I did notice :) Okinawa different, I know. I actually lived in Kwajalein when I was a kid - its in the marshall islands in the pacific and there were some people who had come from there - also lots of people from the Philippines, hawaii, not so many who had been stationed in japan... actually can't think of any...

  5. Being sick on Valentines day sucks...
    hope you feel better and hope you are better since this is an older post LOL