Tuesday, February 16, 2010

It takes Two Baby, Me and You

I cooked last night! There was much rejoicing and exclaiming of mom returning!

What actually happened was I went to the Dr and he gave me an inhaler so that when I am up and moving around or have coughing fit I can use it and my lungs will open up and I can catch my breath! Who knew how much a little air could help!!!

So after my Dr apt I stopped by the grocery SUPER fast because DH had to get to work, I picked up 1lb Angel Hair pasta, 1lb 93% lean grd beef, 1pkg kielbasa sausage,and some Parmesan cheese to add to the tomatoes and basil I had at home.

Combine the grd beef with about 3/4 cup each Parmesan cheese and Italian seasoned bread crumbs and form into ping-pong ball sized meat balls, then brown in a skillet. Rough chop the kielbasa and add to pan till brown. I had about 8 orange cherry tomatoes that I halved and about 4 regular tomatoes that I rough chopped and tossed in as well, 2 cans each (drained) black olives and mushrooms, 2 Tbs dried basil (no fresh to be had) some salt and pepper to taste, and some garlic and onion powder.

I don't know what possessed me to add meat balls to the "dirty spaghetti" I think it's because I've not cooked or eaten much with this blasted cold, and really dirty spaghetti is easy and throw together. It was over kill, I knew it when I was cooking it, but overkill in the most lovely way, where every bite is indulgent. I could not eat what was on my plate, but the kids attacked theirs with fervor, and then eyed the left overs. I had to hide the plate in the fridge that I set aside for DH's lunch today.

As soon as I was done cooking I sat on the couch and took a hit off my magic inhaler. Today that baby and I are going to the commissary for some real grocery shopping, cause Mother-Hubbard's Cupboards are indeed bare.

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