Saturday, February 27, 2010

"She bought some ber-ra-ccoli"

Is it Steroganoff, or some sort of Alfredo? More importantly, does it matter as long as they eat it? I "invented" this when DH was in Tech school after Basic and I was pregnant with DS#1. Funds were limited, and I couldn't be on my feet too much because of complications. It's another go to meal for when I'm in a hurry or just can't think of anything else everyone will enjoy. It also carries nicely for DH to reheat.

I made this Thursday, but I forgot it was in the camera (I need to stop doing that).

The kids were so tired of soup I thought they were going to mutiny if I pointed out the bowl of perfectly edible (and tasty) leftover soup in the fridge. So I thawed a pound of ground beef, cooked it with the usual (S&P, garlic, and onion powder) tossed in a bag of broccoli florets, a can of mushrooms and a jar of Alfredo sauce . I cooked some fancy giant twirly pasta (DD#2 loves to slurp them up and wiggle them around, it's probably not a good idea to let a 1yr old's style of food play dictate your pasta purchases, but hey, they're only 1 for a short time right? and she does eat it eventually) that I can never remember the name of let alone pronounce. Once drained I tossed it with some EVOO and some grated Parmesan Cheese (and yes you always need cheese).

It's not too pretty, but it gets the job done, and it's mighty tasty. The flavor lies somewhere between Steak and Alfredo that you get at a Italian place (cause of the ground beef, but on a much leaner budget) and strogunoff because of the mushrooms and the pan drippings/de-glazing that happens (since I use 93% lean beef there's not anything in the way of fat in the pan when the meat cooks just the you know little brown bits of goodness down there that the sauce brings up).

I've also done this with chunked chicken breast and even ground sausage or plain pork with varied results (depending on who's eating it with me!).


  1. Dana Carvey's SNL audition, with "Choppin' Broccoli!"

  2. Oh I love jarred alfredo sauce! I usually get the 'light' one but I use it a lot! Its really good and I love to have it on hand..