Wednesday, February 3, 2010

"another brick in the wall"

SO, Report card day, or Progress Report day. Or the day where they sugar coat your child's inadequacies while at the same time telling you your children haven't been in school long enough to have been evaluated.

Pick ONE people. Either my children have been in school long enough for you to have evaluated them or not, you cannot have it both ways. Also, when I took my kids to school (because they wanted to go, we've been home schooling for the past 2.5 yrs) and I tell you up front what my kids will do when they are bored, and then they do it, how is this my/my child's fault? Yes, I've told my kids that they should not talk when in class and they should be working, and they know they're supposed to keep their hands off of people (horse play not bullying). And if you (who went to college, as your chosen profession, to be a teacher) doesn't know how to get my child to relax during a test (because we both know she is smart and does the work well, as long as it's not a test) how am I supposed to get her to test better? Ok rant over.

That was just to put you in the mind set for how I approached supper tonight, stressed out.

Combine 1lb ground beef with 1/3 block shredded Clolby/Jack 2 Tbs Gourmet Burger Seasoning and a few shakes of Worcestershire Sauce, form into tiny patties and cook in skillet (think tiny burger with cheese mixed in, instead of on top)

Steamed rice with Nori Fumi Furikake Rice Seasoning sprinkled on top (found in the Ethnic Aisle with the Asian food it's in a little glass jar with chop sticks holding rice with some green flecks and sesame sprinkle stuff on top of the rice picture on the front of the jar). The children (and adults too) like this, as it is reminiscent of the flavors that you get in a sushi shop with the nori (seaweed) wrapping, and the slightly sweet, and vinegar flavor in their rice.

Steamed green peas, and sliced cucumbers that were salt and peppered. Again, I took a pic but will come back and edit it in when I get them off the camera, tomorrow perhaps.

It was all pretty kid friendly and just shy of being finger food (unless your 2 weeks shy of being 1, and then everything is finger food). ONLY 2 weeks and my baby will be 1!!! :( I am so not ready for that. Dang kids and their not listening when I tell them to stop growing.


  1. Argh. I hear you on the text anxiety. I was/am like that. Can you see if you can 1) teach her some deep breathing exercises to slow down her heart rate, and 2) see if she can get accomodations for taking an untimed test by herself to ease the panic? Timed math tests always threw me in a tizzy.

    That rice seasoning sounds gooooooooooood!

  2. First of all, I love Nori Fumi Furikake Rice Seasoning.... Not the esiest thing to find in NJ but theres alot of asian markets relatively speaking. Second, schools a tough subject. My kid finished last year and he wasnt a good student in things he didnt like. Never was, period. It didnt matter how much I said it mattered it didnt matter to him, He could get A's and F's... fortunately not many F's.

    Teachers just ... I don't know... arent set up to deal with kids individually. Or wont

  3. I just realized something yesterday? DS#1's teacher sends home these test score sheets that have to be signed and dated, with your child's test scores on them. It's usually Spelling and Reading Comprehension and he's never gotten less than 100+3 on Spelling and 100 in Reading Comprehension. Last week I spoke to her and she said that "she was following the curriculum" (so she won't be giving him other work in other words) but I think I got her to meet in the middle by getting her to agree to "if DS stops fiddling quite so much (cause he's BORED) then she can give him SOMETHING else to do, not more, just different work, at first she was reluctant because "he's not showing me he's as smart as you're claiming" but (and this is where my brain clicked in yesterday) I have to sign these things EVERY week where he's ACING your freaking tests!! so he fidgets, and plays, and messes around, cause HE's BORED, I actually told her that he'd rather be picking his nose than do the "baby work" she has him do every day, you'd think she'd see this as a challenge and WANT to get his lil mind engaged in something? I might need to get a counselor involved ugh!