Sunday, February 21, 2010

Tiny Bubbles

Steak, Peppers, and Tiny Potatoes.

While at the Commissary DS#2 was helping to pick out the frozen veggies and was interested in the tiny red potatoes (you can NEVER find them fresh here on island). We used 2 1lb bags, halved ,and sprinkled them with Kosher salt, Garlic and Onion powder and cooked them on the griddle that had a light coating (about a tsp or so) or bacon drippings (from this morning's brunch). Just lay the potatoes cut side down on med heat and let them hang out till they are a nice golden color.

DH was nice enough to cut the Rib Eye's up for me. I used 2 steaks (1.25 lbs worth) cut into bite sized chunks and trimmed of large pieces of fat. You could use another cut of beef if you like but we like the tenderness of a rib eye and the flavor that the slight marbling gives. I salt and peppered the meat and just tossed it in the pan with half a thinly sliced onion and a bag of frozen pepper slices, and 1 can of drained mushrooms.

Just cause I was craving them (and cause they're my favorite veggie) I steamed some green peas in the microwave.

I over did and couldn't breath by the time it was done, so I guess we'll be back to a dishes that require a little less back and forth, chopping and stirring for the remainder of this wretched cold. DH liked supper, and various children liked and didn't like (that's the part they made sure to talk about the loudest and most often tonight) various parts of the meal.

Oh and on Friday we had Mac and Cheese (the kind with spiral noodles) with cherry tomatoes (DD#1 halved them) and a can of green chilies added in (there might have been some seasonings added to this as well but I forget) and Hot Dogs. You don't need a pic of that. The kids love when we add things to Mac and Cheese, and DS#2 loves Hot Dogs so every one was happy.


  1. I love those potatos! And by the way I did so much cabbage I actually went out and bought a corned beef! LOL, ended up baking it in the oven - low and slow forever. Found it too salty so fridged it and the next day cooked it at barely a simmer for a very long time to get rid of the excess salt and all I can say is it was the best one Id made. Granted cooking it twice was an emormous pain but Id do it again. And I really liked not cooking it with the cabbage - Thanks so much for posting that cabbage recipe.

  2. the cabbage does make a lot! We ate it twice, and I never did remember to take a pic of it (I'm not very good at remembering that sometimes)