Tuesday, March 2, 2010

And I do my little turn on the catwalk

So after posting the birthday party, and the cake, I felt bad. Cause really I Can make cake, I promise. SEE.

My dad got married last summer. I packed all 4 kids in the car, and drove from ID to FL in 3 days (with my mom, we'll not talk about that part, no really, on the return drive I was solo, nuff said). I made my dad's wedding cake.

Now if you were nosy and looked through my entire flicker page you might have spotted this. But I'm posting it here anyway. I bought the sugar flowers because I didn't have time to make them (the last time my dad got married I made fondant flowers on the cake too, but I lived in the same town back then) Dh's mom supervised, cause she's got more experience at this than me, and I get nervous on wedding cakes, and it's fun to do things with DH's mom (cause she's awesome and loving and supportive nice and I love her, and well the kids were there and she's Granny). It was fun making my dad's wedding cake because I got to know his wife to be more too. Now it's not like my dad's some serial groom, he's been married 3 times, my mom (didn't work out) and his second wife that died, and now his third.

SO, now you know more about me than you ever wanted, but you also know that I can do more than slightly smooched monkey head and bunny head (from a pan) cupcakes, which was the point.


  1. thanks, I posted this mostly to show off and redeem myself!

  2. That cake is off the HOOK. Seriously. I am in awe!

  3. thanks Addie, I was slightly in awe after it was done, and my dad's new wife almost didn't let anyone cut into it, LOL!

  4. That's why I'm contracting you to make my wedding cake!!!
    Gosh....I know, it's wishfull dreaming right:(

    The first time I saw the cake, I was woahhh...Jess, what can't you do ?? Lol
    beautifull cake luv:)