Thursday, March 18, 2010

sometimes my tries, are outside the lines

Not cooking today, finishing off the soup from last night. Cause the kids gobbled it and there's lots. The orzzo soaked up more of the broth overnight so now it's more of a noodle dish with greens. Still yum tho.

The best thing about today, NO FEVERS!! Snot all round still, but it's an improvement, and I'll take it. The kids were felling so much better that I set up the shade tent in the yard, threw out some giant cushions, and lap size quilts and the basket of coloring supplies. While declaring "Stay in the tent, so you don't run around and cough and then puke on your friends." All the kids in the building (we live in a 6-plex) have the same plague as us so I don't feel bad about letting them all play together.

Probably something in the crock-pot tomorrow, I'm feeling Mexican-ish, and I've a ton of errands and that'll be easy.

My sitter took some pics I'll post one later.

edit***** Um yeah, had this all posted, and was feeling good. Then took DS#1's temp, cause he said he felt "funny" guess who's no longer the healthy kid? On the plus side, his big sis is feeling much better, but is there really any point in sending her to school on Fri when she's only been on Mon (and was sent home that day)? I guess she could collect her homework.


  1. That's good Jess!! I'm glad the kids are feeling better:) but poor Rachelle,
    she's such a great helper. /nurse!
    Jr is the same way since I'm always sick:( poor kiddo, but it's toughen him up!

    Ok. So what are you making today that you feel Mexicanish?! LOL
    OR did I miss something with the picnic outside? Heehee jk

    oh.....also....thank you for calling and cheering me up hun:)
    I felt better after chatting with you & shooting the breeze:) It was fun!
    I just wish I could call you instead! Ya know!
    Tony loves chatting with you about food....he cooks more than me!
    Cheif Tony! New name:) lol!

  2. I'm gonna do pinto beans in the crock pot and Mexican rice that I learned from my Mexican neighbor in ID.

    and it's really no prob to call n chat!! I've got a GREAT plan, and LOVE talking to ya! I'm glad it helped. it' Bonus to talk food with Tony!