Friday, March 12, 2010

I scream, you scream, we all scream, for soy beans and waffles?

1lb Kielbasa and about 3/4ish lb diced chicken breast, 1 large onion diced, sauteed till onion is caramelized. Add a bag of frozen soy beans, and broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, spoon over rice. Simple.

No witty story to go with this supper, we were hungry, the kids like sausage and soy beans.

I forgot to mention that we had Breakfast for supper this week also, nothing fancy, just Waffles and bacon with Pineapple (from a can) on the side. Why is serving Breakfast food after the sun goes down such a novel idea no matter how often you do it? It's like magic, I swear there's no sort of magic syrup or special mix involved, but they act like it's spiked? And I'm not just talking about the children, DH who normally turns his nose up to breakfast is all about waffles at 630pm? And all the Pre-eating frenzy? Oh and just so you all know, if you get tired of the standard fare, you can (dare I say should) substitute your regular waffle mix with banana bread batter (thin it down some). It makes for some FANTASTIC pancakes too, and if you're in a pinch for dessert toss in some chocolate chips and you're "in like flint". And if you're feeling extra adventurous you can just blender some bananas and stir them in to your blueberry pancake/waffle mix (I use Krustease, if I'm using a mix or Alton Brown's recipe if I'm doing from scratch).


  1. When I read the title, I thought, "Your kids are really weird.." X-D

    Breakfast for dinner is always amazing! I think that's because there's no veggies involved to worry about. And sometimes traditional breakfast fare is just too heavy for breakfast.

    I had forgotten about Krustease blueberry pancake mix! Mom uses the muffin mix sometimes. Not as much since she cooks very heart-healthy for dad these days.

  2. yeah, not waffles and soy beans all at the same time. LOL and there's no such thing as food that's too heavy in my house LOL