Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Who used a machedy to cut through red tape

Know when you microwave something and you reach in and pull it out but can only get it as far as the counter before setting it down while your hands to the "it's too hot to hold" shake-while you hop dance? That's what it was like getting the baby out of her bed this morning.

Yesterday I called the Dr and they were booked for same day/walk ins. So the nurse called back with "take meds for the fever and comfort for the rest" advise. CHECK, been doing that since Sat. wouldn't be calling you if that were working but whatever.

I get on the phone 5 min before the appointment line opens up so that I would be 1st in line to get an apt today!Good plan right?

Well 35 min later, I'm still listening to elevator music and the occasional recording of "please don't hang up, all of our operators are busy, your call will be answered in the order received". YEAH. As DS#1 (AKA the only healthy child) leaves the house for school I'm throwing clothes on the baby and taking her to the ER. Where I can get glared at for using the Navy as a walk-in clinic (we're Air Force).

It's not my bureaucracy that's messed up so this is not my fault, and really as long as they fix the sick baby, they can glare all they want.

An X-Ray, and WWF style breathing treatment later (she really wasn't digging that mask) along with an assortment of meds we find out she's on the verge of pneumonia. But she drank some apple juice and ate some lunch (first thing to go in her in 24 hrs, she wouldn't even nurse!!) then she slept starting at like 2(ish) pm till (well it's now 948 and she's still asleep). I sent DD#1 (who thankfully hasn't had a fever all day but has been coughing so hard her body aches) up to make sure she was breathing (lol, let the paranoia set in).

I'll be back there tomorrow with DS#2 cause it's a "training day" for my clinic (that never has an available appointment anyway). I'm really tired of the puke inducing cough.

SOOOO, all that to preface tonight's supper.
2 cans chicken broth (thanks to the neighbor, I didn't have time to get to the store, nor did I want to take the lil ones out to the store!!)
1 bag frozen chopped collard greens
1 medium minced yellow onion
1 box orzzo
some water and salt and garlic powder.

saute the onion till nice and golden, then add orzzo, saute till lightly golden, then add greens, and broth and water. season to taste.

Warm and soothing and light, and should puke up nicely later when they start coughing, cause last night's fancy rice and pork chops were tasty but a MESS!


  1. Maybe you should just stick to soup for a bit? It sounds yummy, tho!

    Also, the horror stories my friends with military backgrounds have, about trying to get standard everyday healthcare floors me.

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