Saturday, March 20, 2010

So this long line of cars will never have an end

No fevers, hardly any coughing, and just trace amounts of snot! I almost threw a party!! Instead I spent the day outside, well mostly.

First I drove 41Km (round trip) to pick up my new (to me) table and chairs for outside (this trip took 3 hours, to give you and idea of how much traffic is here on Island). It's a LARGE table (with 2 leaves that fold up and into) and 6 large chairs (2 kids can easily sit in one of these things). The previous owner says it's Teak, but I'm not sure (nor do I care). The stain is starting to rub off, which leaves me with the dilemma of sanding and restaining, or pressure washing and painting. Neither fix is permanent here in the elements, too humid, hot, and sunny. I could also leave it as is (but it's brown, and well, my house is beige with brown accents, and so is every other building on the base) so I'd like to get some color involved. I can't wait to get to have meals on a table outside instead of on a blanket!

Then I did some gardening (I thought this was going to be a quick project, but with the rain and the sick kids it's really dragging out!). Now I'm beat!

SO, for supper tonight, I fed the kids leftover beefy soup. They were not thrilled, too bad. Had they eaten their lunches I'd have fixed them a more substantial supper, but their appetites are still not up, and with plugged noses I'm sure nothing tastes right, so soup it is. As it was they only ate half of what I gave them, and were practically falling asleep at the table. Poor kiddo's!

DH and I had (and really, I almost never fix separate meals for adults vs. children) Rib-eyes, new potatoes, and broccoli, cauliflower, carrots medley. I tossed the potatoes in my cast iorn pan with olive oil, salt, garlic and marjoram. Sprinkled the steaks with salt, pepper, garlic, and onion on one side and on the other a dash or two of Worcestershire sauce and a sprinkling of Gourmet Burger seasoning then grilled on my grill pan. The veg just got steamed in the microwave and then the pan drippings from the steak poured over once plated.

Guess who forgot to take a picture till the food was too mangled to be pretty? Sorry, it was pretty too.

Just imagine the pics (and lighting) I'll get when we start eating outside!!! EEK I can hardly wait.


  1. LOL, I forget to take pics all the time... As for the table. Thats so funny - it sort of reminds me what I was a kid and lived in Kwajalein for 2 years. I cant remember if I told you that or not? Probably did. And the heat and humidity and rain something - and getting something new was huge. although round trip was much shorter :)

  2. yeah, this Island is TINY but there's CRAZY traffic. you loose your sense of space and time when you travel here, cause in the states it DOES NOT take 3 hours to drive 25.5 miles (loading and unloading table included, and really that maybe took an hour total, so still 2 hrs).

    also, I think I'm gonna pressure wash the furniture and then just make some CRAZY cushions for the chairs.

  3. That was the thing where I was - no cars. well, almost none. Just bikes pretty much. But it wasnt a country - it was a base pretty much :)