Tuesday, March 16, 2010

This Little Piggy Stayed Home

3 cups of Rice, 1 can of coconut milk and some water (enough to bring the liquid level up in the rice cooker) a light dash of salt when done.
1lb frozen green beans, 1 Tbs butter, 2 Tbs soy sauce, simmer
4 pork chops, salt, pepper, onion, garlic, ginger, curry, just sprinkle a lil on both sides of chops (they should end up with a nice coating of seasoning when you're done). Grill in grill pan

We had soup for lunch so I decided to do a real dinner, the sick kids just pushed it around their plates and didn't eat much. They did insist that it was yummy, they were just coughing so much that they couldn't eat. The one healthy kid ate his quickly.

Called the Dr this morning as soon as the appointment line was open, but they were already booked for the day (how does that happen?). They said the lil ones are too little for anything other than fever meds. So all I can do is try to keep them comfortable. I think perhaps I should bring the crying 1 yr old to their house and let her cry at them all day? DD#1 is staying home again because she is still feverish. I'm counting down till DS#1 gets this, and his teacher told me that 3 kids in his class have gone home due to "stomach bugs", I suppose I get to look forward to that next week?


  1. Ay-yiyiyi - as Rickie Riccardo used to say on having sick kids!

    As to the coconut milk recipe, I am so all over that one. I'm drooling...

  2. Oh and by the way.... I'm so behind on everything. Posting commenting shopping. Im expecting all these people and you know what? I actually havent invited anyone yet, so yeah. How stupid is that?

    And no, I didnt think that sounded creepy by the way... I know what you mean. Its hard to know what to suggest if someones idea of cooking is removing the plastic wrap from a microwave dinner and someone elses is tackling like, live lobsters

  3. well the offer stands I'd be happy to walk you thru stuff (doesn't have to be my stuff either) on the phone! LOL It's actually pretty cheap for me to call the states (.03 a min)