Monday, March 15, 2010

sick and tired of (my kids) being sick and tired

The car is at the Garage getting things fixed, so that we can buy "Japanese Compulsory Insurance" (JCI) and our car inspected to make sure (well I'm not sure what the inspection is for, the car is like a 1992 so I can't imagine it meets any sort of safety/emissions standards of today). Well the car is OVER THERE, and the neighbor was nice enough to go and get DH and bring him home, just in time for the school nurse to call and let us know that DD#1 has a fever and that we have to come and get her from school.

Have I ever mentioned we're a ONE CAR family? NO?, well we are. So, that's gonna be a neat trick huh? Also, it's less than an hour before school lets out. I'll not point out the stupidity of this.

I call my friend, to see if DH can borrow her car and fetch DD#1 home. I'm not dressed, cause I've been handing out meds to the two little ones that the Snot Fairy visited over the weekend. Turns out she was back last night. I've got a plan for that lady should I ever catch her. It involves the pennies we're not allowed to spend on island, and the one tube sock the washing machine didn't eat. If I tell you more you'll be guilty of some sort of conspiracy.

OH YEAH this is a food blog, I'll not go into the fact that the sick kids are coughing too hard to enjoy the food isn't staying in them long. Let's just go with I cooked something bland so that should we be seeing it later it will be less traumatic.

We went with Fettuccine Alfredo with mushrooms and green peas and a can of stewed tomatoes with basil and oregano. No meat tonight. The baby passed out (thankfully) before supper was finished cooking (she won't starve, have you seen those cheeks!?). Although, why she chose to do it in her chair at the table, I dunno (for those of you who don't know we eat at a Japanese style table and so her "high chair" is one that is supposed to be strapped into a dinning chair, but since we just sit on the floor, it's already the perfect height, and she can get in and out of it on her own, we just attach the tray when needed) ? DD#1 and DS#2 are both sick and so are mostly just picking at their food, but drinking Gatorade by the gallon, DS#1 scarfed his first bowl and went back for more.

P.S. Before I finished typing this up, and DS#1 finished his meal, DS#2 had a coughing fit; and sure enough, I'm thankful for bland food tonight! I'll be sending a bowl up to bed with him! How did that Snot Fairy know I just washed sheets?

The car is all fixed up, and has all the stickers it needs for the next 2 years. I think we might also be looking into buying a second car for while we are here (you can get them for under $1000 when ppl leave the island) and DH just wants one to drive back and forth to work so I can have the one full of car seats (how sweet! LOL).

P.S.S. Any tips out there for how to get my pics to turn out better? I mean I just have a basic camera (and have no desire to get anything else). They just always seem so washed out. I promise my food was not all white with green peas and bits of red! LOL and the lighting in the kitchen is not super bright, when I've tried to take pics w/o the flash it's WAY too dim. ok thanks in advance.


  1. No clue, I was just gonna say don't use flash.

    And, stupid Snot Fairy. You should beat the snot outa her when you get the chance! Ugh, this sounds awful.

    When did DD#2 get so much HAIR?! Ohmigoodness.

  2. she was born with all that hair!! it just keeps growing and growing! I had to cut her bangs this week cause she keeps pulling out every hair bob I put in to keep them out of her eyes. it's not the straightest bang job (slightly slanty is all)

  3. I hated when my kid was sick - hated it. Felt so bad plus he was crabby.... As to the pics you could try after processing them using something like they have on flickr - but for most of the specialer stuff its not free - although its not expensive at all. Flickr is free and you can see if any of the processing stuff under 'edit' is free. I pay $25 a year for the souped up version. somethings are free but I dont remember what

  4. oo i have flicker!! but I've just been DL'ing them straight to here from my pc, maybe I'll start linking them in instead. it's worth a shot. THANKS!

  5. The edit function is really good on flickr - I dont recall what avail. free its not as extensive but even the one you pay for isnt expensive and I can use it more times than not - I have photoshop but for what I post I don't need it over half the time, for real. I think it costs 25 a year? I dont remember exactly... but its a very good deal and you can do things like change exposure which helps with the things that are bothering you - and you can crop. Plus you can do other things that would improve photo quality and also there are lots of fun things you can do - some of the free things are the fun things if I remember. Try the free things and see, if you find you need more see how much it costs...