Wednesday, May 5, 2010

And tell me what can I do today ’cause everybody needs a helping out

Been after DH to help me in the kitchen for a long time (read all our marriage). Simply because I think it's more fun to prepare food with people than on my own. The kids I can command to join me both for lessons and general gofer status, but how do you get a grown man in the kitchen when he has no interest in anything other than the final product?

Turns out the trick is to break my hand.

He chopped and seasoned our tiny potatoes that were steamed/boiled, mixed up and formed the mini meatloaves/giant burgers, stirred, flipped and helped dish out plates. I love him!

On to the food!

Field Peas and Collard Greens, plus 2 packets of Ham flavor and enough water to cover in my large cast iron pan (I didn't mean for them to be mixed, but this was the one job I could do last night, cut the bags open and dump them in a pot, and I wasn't paying attention and dumped them in the SAME pot! DOH!!, it was yum anyway). Simmer till Peas are tender.

Mini potatoes washed and cut (I'm not sure how many potatoes were involved since I bought a prepacked bag at the Japanese market) into bite size bits, then seasoned with 2 packets of that Sazon seasoning, and about 2/3 of a stick of butter and salt to taste, in a medium bowl with some water, a plate as a lid and then used the baked potato setting to cook them (pushed it like I had 6 large potatoes in there). The seasoning will turn the parts of the potato it touches a pretty orange but under that they're still white.

The mini meat loaves/giant hamburgers (depending on who you are serving them to in the house) are 2lb 97% lean grd beef, 3 eggs, a handfull of Italian bread crumbs and 1 Tbs(ish) of Gourmet Burger seasoning (it's got dehydrated bell peppers and onions and all kinds of stuff in it). Mash up and then we divide into 4 large loaves/patties. Sometimes I bake these and sometimes I cook them on the stove top, to night we did them on the stove top (cause DH wanted to man the spatula, and he prefers to think of them as giant hamburgers and not mini meatloaf, having been traumatized sometime before me by a meatloaf).


  1. Yay men in the kitchen! Gosh those potatoes look good.

  2. Traumatized by meatloaf, lol...Im sure hes not the only one :)