Wednesday, May 19, 2010

No more monkies Jumpin on the bed

OK, she wasn't jumpin on the bed. DD#2 was trying to climb up on her lil scootie car thing and didn't get her leg up high enough and tipped over, gravity took over from there, and she fell to the ground. Hitting her head on the concrete, and getting muddy in the process. Up to the bath she went to get cleaned off, and apparently have a seizure and then promptly fall asleep.

To the ER we go!! (and the receptionist is all, "Oh, it's you again")

Where we sit waiting. For hours. While people with UTI's and sprained ankles and the like are seen first (first come first serve I suppose).

Get to Triage where they take her temp, it's 102.something!! Where did that come from? She had been fine all day. Cutting 6 teeth but fine. Bit sneezy, but fine. Nothing that I would have been alarmed over. And really the bump on the head wasn't even bad, it's just what happened AFTER that made me take her in.

The Dr thinks the sudden on set of the fever triggered the seizure and not the bonk on the head, which didn't even give her a bump on her noggin, but the sent her for a CT anyway to be safe. The CT came up clear. We will be following up with her regular Dr in the next few days.

ALL that to say, I might not be posting the most fabulous things for a while (or anything at all), cause I've got a sick baby, and I'm a bit of a nervous wreck. I'll be back when things settle down, say a prayer for us, think happy shinny thoughts, and know that I'll still be cooking and will prolly think of some sort of silly montage upon my return!

OH! and we had Skettie tonight. that's from the last time I posted it.

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  1. *hugs*

    I really don't get the military's medical system at all. Uh, hello? Baby? FEVER? Seizure? Hiiii? Should have been seen way earlier.

    Not that I can do much from here, but lemme know if you need anything!