Wednesday, May 12, 2010

You can't always get what you want

The other day I made yummy dinner, I did not however take a picture of it, cause I'm a slacker.

Also I didn't want to make yummy dinner, what I wanted was Coco's Curry, cause they have yum gravy and fried meat, and these creamed crab croquette things that are just heaven when you are craving junk food. But DH and I after running our errands as soon as the kids came off the bus decided the responsible thing to do was to go home and let them do their homework. BAH stinking homework, foiling my junk food takeout plans! (that up there by the way is what I wanted to eat)

So, here's what I made.

Broiled Talapia with Salt, pepper, garlic, onion and Thyme powder and a drizzle of Olive oil. broil till flaky and golden brown. In the bottom part of the broiler pan I placed a thinly sliced onion and lemon and some water so that would steam the fish while it cooked and prevent it from drying out.

Glazed Carrots with salt, butter, brown sugar and ground ginger. Just dump all that in a pot and cook till the carrots are tender, and the sugar and butter reduce to make a nice glaze. I think I had 2lbs of carrots, 4 tbs butter, 1 loose 1/4 c scoop of brown sugar (I just keep a 1/4 cup scoop in there and used that, but I wasn't exact here, no packing it in just a lil is all you need) and a hefty sprinkle of ginger powder and a dash of salt.

Steamed Spinach with ham flavor (by Goya) just till hot tho, cause I used frozen spinach so it doesn't take long to cook.

And some fancy twirly pasta with Parmesan cheese and olive oil.

I got my curry, a day late, but it was still yummy!

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  1. I LOVE TALAPIA! This looks super fabulous and next time I have it I will add thyme. Thats a great idea