Monday, May 10, 2010

You might have to walk the fine line, you might take the hard line But everybody's working overtime

Things I learned yesterday:

1:Orthopedic Dr.s are sadists. Called the Dr cause my hand is still hurting pretty badly, I'm now advised to treat my splint/removable cast like a real cast till I am pain free, and they have no desire to do the second set of x-ray's the radiologist thought I needed 2 weeks ago. Oh, and to follow up with my regular Dr. 6-8 weeks from my injury.

2:Turns out one handed sympathy is short lived. DH was miserable from working in the rain for the last few days (who can blame him?). He also went to the store for me to pick up lettuce n stuff for supper, but no help cooking or cleaning from him or the monsters (uh, I mean kids).

3:And Taco Rice is on the list of meals you can prepare one handed. Prepare ground beef as you would for tacos, and everything else, just replace tortillas with rice. Although shredding the cheese was a bit tricky.

4:If on Mother's Day you get up make every one blueberry pancakes, then have to drive to church one handed, in a downpour, with a sty in your eye, and you feel a migraine coming on, you should have stayed home, in bed, cause Monday will SUCK!

Sorry folks no pic, wasn't in the mood for much besides eating and sleeping.


  1. Awe...

    *Hands you a bouquet of flowers and a bag of shredded cheese*

  2. thanks, see, I thought about adding that to the list of lettuce n stuff for DH, but then I remembered the block of cheese sitting in the fridge, and thought FOR SURE someone would help me grate it, NOPE!