Thursday, May 20, 2010

goodnight, goodnight sweet baby

A while back my neighbor made some potato salad with Chayote (pictured left), sweet pickle relish, and green spanish olives in it, man oh man, was that the best potato salad I had ever had.

We had plans for her to teach me how to prepare this dish, but with the weather being horrible the past couple weeks, and then the kids getting the sniffles, and DD#2 taking that fall, she just told me to bring over the things I had picked up and she'd make it for me. (when she gives me the recipe if it's OK with her I'll post it)

I love my neighbors!

She made it last night and it chilled in my fridge all day. She even garnished it with some deviled eggs!

I just boiled up some shrimp (salt and lil liquid smoke in the water is all ya need). Made a fresh salad, and called it a night.

Also, I'm happy to report, that DD#2 has not had a fever since yesterday afternoon! Now, if only I could get her Dr to give us that follow up apt that the ER Dr. said she should have.


  1. I've never put liquid smoke in the water - never even thought of it! Wow, how much do you add????

  2. maybe a tsp-a tbs i don't measure and it depends on how much shrimp are in there, I add it to brines for soaking pork too, adds just a hint of smoky flavor.

  3. I bet this is really great. Ive used Old Bay but never this... someone I knew use this in salmon patties. Swore it was fabulous. I never tried it but I bet it adds something great. I never tried it because I didnt know what else to do with it..but

  4. ooo I use liquid smoke for lots of things, brines, and cooking shrimp, and making my own BBQ sauce, or baked beans, pretty much anything that I want to cook and have a smokey background but don't have the time to smoke (also, I don't have a smoker, so yeah) also, it's just water and smoke so it can stay in the pantry for a while w/o spoiling and it's not expensive, I prolly use a bottle every 3 months?