Friday, May 21, 2010

Well, don't you know that other kids are starving in Japan So eat it, just eat it

Still no fever for DD#2, YAY! Called the Dr again, and they still haven't seen the paperwork from our ER visit, but scheduled the follow up anyway. So, progress?

Is it sad when the lady who just makes appointments recognizes your voice, or back story or well, YOU?

Friday is movie night, and I wanted to finish off the left overs from last night, so I let the kids have what they wanted for supper. Be prepared to avert your stomach, er eyes.

Hotdog Helper.

Which is, when you cut hot dogs up into lil bites, and cook them with the pasta from 2 boxes of Mac and cheese, and a bag of peas and carrots, then make the cheese sauce and add 2 Tbs of BBQ sauce.

Really, they only ask for this stuff about once every 2 months, cause there's SO much sodium in it that I think their bodies would die twitchy deaths of horror if we ate it more often. But they think it's fun every once in a while.

Also, I'm SO not taking a picture of this, I've a reputation at stake here.


  1. BHAHAAA! Oh, dear. Well, they can't all be wieners.

    *ba dum dum CHINNG*

  2. Yeah, but it is fun food you know... and it is the kind of things kids like. Okay me too :)

  3. actually my kids don't usually like "kid food" they're usually more happy with something off the adult menu at most restaurants, but every once in a while they remember that they are indeed supposed to eat with their fingers, and want BBQ sauce on EVERYTHING.

  4. Oh my kid doesnt eat it either! LOL its me. isnt that awful to admit :)

    Hes never eaten mac and cheese not once... Im the salt and convenience food freak!