Friday, May 7, 2010

"insert violin music here" Beef it's what's for dinner OR "They're savages! Savages!"

We had the missionaries over for supper last night, and I really do enjoy feeding large amounts of people. There were 6 Full time missionaries 4 Elders and a Couple Set, Elder and Sister Savage. I had meant to cook for them about a week ago but my injury was too new so I had to postpone.

I let DH and the Elders chose the menu, and when you let 5 men pick dinner you end up with Steak with sauteed Mushrooms and peppers and onions, and Mashed Potatoes, and Pie (I threw in salad for good measure).

I looked pretty much like the farewell dinner I gave DH before his Alaska TDY. But with Mashed potatoes instead, and salad and no artichoke.

I forgot to take a pic of the houseful of people or the food, because I was just too busy cooking and enjoying the good company. The children kept them entertained while I cooked everyone's steaks the way they wanted them. I had everything else ready ahead of time. And since I've posted how on cooking steak (cooked the steaks whole tonight), peppers (I did use fresh now that they're in season) and potatoes (just omit the sweet potatoes) before I'll just link in the details.

The salad was simple, tossed greens, tomatoes, cucumber slices, and bell peppers.

The pie, I wish I had a pic of the pie!! It was GOOD.
for the crust (this is a triple batch)
3 3/4 cups flour, 3 sticks of butter (sorry, it's not diet pie), 1 tsp salt, 1 Tbs sugar, Ice water as needed to form dough. divide in half.

for filling
2 bags each frozen strawberry unsweetened slices and blueberries, about 3/4 cup sugar, about 1/4 cup corn starch, about 1/2 cup water, combine in a medium sauce pan bring to boil, simmer till thick.

Line your desired dish (mine was a large oval dish, because I was feeding 8 adults and 4 kids) with one half the dough. then dump in the filling, and I like to take large marble sized pieces of the other half of my dough, flatten and press into sugar (both sides) and then just cover the pie, it's OK if they overlap, or even if you have to make 2 layers. Think more noodle/dumpling than pie crust with the top portion.

Top with freshly whipped cream. Cream, sugar to taste, whip till stiff peaks. It really is worth the effort.

Dinner was a hit. The Elders were hilarious, one was spouting poetry about my cooking all thru the meal. Sister Savage was sweet in keeping me company in the kitchen and offering to help. DD#2 is smitten with Elder Savage while the other 3 children hammed it up. I have never felt so flattered about my cooking before, with the poetry and another Elder asking where I learned to cook, if I had gone to school or if it was just a hobby. I said it was just a hobby, but that some day I'd like to own my own lunch counter type place so I can cook for people.

They ended the night sharing a message and asking us to be mindful about our friends and neighbors, and in wanting to share the Gospel in a more natural way. Having them over and just inviting our friends to join us, instead of just sending them over on their own, which can be a bit intimidating.

I hope to have the Sister missionaries over soon. Maybe I'll remember my camera next time?
I also don't want to see a steak for a good long while!


  1. poetry??? wow

    So hey, I made a ton of chicken last night and I want to eat chicken all week without everyone feeling like they arent eating chicken all week...

    do I have a chance with that?

  2. sure, you could do chicken salad sammies one night, and some pot pies, throw some light sausage and peanut sauce in and make some stir fry, if you mince it up really fine you can do some patties (add egg and bread crumbs and season away, then pan fry like a burger) how much chicken are we talking about? lol need more ideas than those, or different ones, or better instructions?