Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Somewhere Over the Rainbow (teriyaki)

Fevers, night terrors, hallucinations, and limited sleep. Not the best way to start the day, but when you're a mom there's not much choice. Let's add to that gloomy, windy, generally yuck weather, and why wouldn't you want to end it on a rainbow? And as long as there's a rainbow there should be purple mashed potato clouds. Oh and we had some steamed broccoli too, DS#2 was instant on the broccoli, cause he picked it out of the freezer with aid of his trusty stool (it was the only bag of veggies he could touch). The rainbow teriyaki came about one night because the kids were clamoring for shish-ka-bobs, but we don't own an actual grill and the idea of my kids having long sharp sticks at the table did not hold the same interest for me. So that's it, there's no secret, it's the bob without he shish-ka or is it the shish-ka without the bob?

you will need (this feeds us twice for supper and once for one person to have lunch)
2.5 lb meat of your choice diced (I've done this with pork loin roast, chicken breast, beef roast, rib eyes, deer meat, I imagine it'd be good with shrimp or tuna also.)
3-4 bell peppers rough chopped (we usually use one of each color, but use what ever floats your boat)
1 large onion rough chopped
1 large can pineapple chunks and the juice
5-6 roma tomatoes rough chopped/2 cans stewed tomatoes (the tomatoes in the produce section looked sad)
1 jar teriyaki glaze (not sauce it's too thin, however if this is all your store carries you can use it just dump it in a small sauce pan and add a TBS of corn starch and boil to thicken then add to the above)
I've also added zucchini before, pretty much what ever looks good in the produce section and sounds good with the teriyaki sauce. This is tasty over rice, but with the purple clouds on the menu tonight I skipped that part of this dish.

for the purple clouds you need (this too will feed us twice)
5 small-md Beni Imo (purple Okinawan sweet potatoes)
3 small-md reg potatoes
1 stick of butter
splash of milk (to thin, you'll just have to eye this and add as needed)
Salt (to taste)
1tsb fresh grd black pepper
1 dash each garlic powder, onion powder, and nutmeg
peel and dice the potatoes, then cook the potatoes either on the stove top or microwave (in the microwave place them in a bowl with 2 inches of water and cover the bowl with a dinner plate and use the baked potato setting to cook them) when the potatoes are fork tender drain them and add the butter and milk (a little at a time) and mash (I use a stick/immersion blender), add the seasonings. I think the baby liked the clouds the best, because she screamed at me if I paused in feeding her to take a bite of my own supper. Leftovers tomorrow night due to a full day of field trips and quilt meetings!

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  1. Now I wanna see if I can track down that kind of purple potato!