Saturday, January 23, 2010

"Fresh Shrimp and Steak and Steak"

It's official, the aliens have landed, and they took my husband!

I came downstairs after a long day of going through all the kids toys and board games, removing all the trash, broken things, unused, and generally restoring order to the Play Room, and 3 closets, to find DH getting the Rib Eye and Shrimp out of the fridge.

"I was just about to start supper, it's why I came down"

"I'm going to help" he says.

At this point I fully expect him to leave the kitchen because this is as far as his help usually goes. To my shock and utter delight he asks what he can do NEXT. Quick to cover my amazement I set him to trimming the fat off of the rib eyes and dicing them. Salt and pepper the meat when diced.

In a large pot fill with water add 5 heafty pinches of Kosher salt and 1/4 bottle teriyaki sauce (the runny kind) bring to a boil, add jumbo shrimp till they float and just turn pink. drain and let cool then peel. (DH gets the credit for draining the shrimp and peeling them)

dice a orange bell pepper and med size yellow onion then cook in large pan with salt and olive oil till golden brown, add meat to pan and cook on high just till all edges are brown (should still be rare-md rare in inside of chunks) add 1 can mushrooms.

cook 1 lb angel hair pasta (DH also gets the credit for breaking the noodles before adding them to the pot and then draining them once tender) and add 1 can diced tomatoes and 1/4 cup cream, toss to combine.

layer pasta, meat with peppers, onions, mushrooms and then shrimp.

The shrimp had the perfect saltyness to them (which is all shrimp really need) and the steak with peppers and onions went well with the just barely creamy/tomato pasta. Since there wasn't a lot of anything in tonight's supper it wasn't overly rich, it hit all the right spots without going overboard. I was thankful for DH's help in the kitchen (even though he wouldn't let me put garlic in anything) it's always nicer to have someone there to help chop things, and lift heavy pots full of boiling water. Not to mention how much nicer it is to cook a meal with music in the back ground instead of the TV or video game noise!

to get the full effect of today's title listen to this song but use these words
"fresh shrimp and steak and steak
fresh shrimp and steak and steak
fresh shrimp and steak do the fresh shrimp and steak
fresh shrimp and steak do the fresh shrimp and steak"

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  1. LOL! Also, that sauce sounds really simple n really good.