Sunday, January 3, 2010

2 Outta 3 Ain't Bad

It's time to start supper, and there's still dishes on the counter from lunch, so I call DD into the kitchen with me (dish loading is her job) and DS2 follows us into the kitchen and grabs the stool to get to his favorite perch, the kitchen counter. Since I'm using the grill pan tonight I have to deny him, which leads to a melt down about how he is big enough to help me cook. Some quick thinking on my part leads to him picking up any odd things/dust bunnies he finds on the floor under the cabinets and around the office (it's connected to the kitchen). YAY for small jobs for small hands. Meanwhile I'm having to explain for the X718362463th time the concept behind washing the dishes to a prepubescent girl. I did mention I was trying to cook right?

Dinner got started about 30min later than I wanted, so it's a good thing dinner was a quick fix tonight, the salad was made a few days ago (I just added the fresh chopped bell pepper), and the ribs cook up quick on the grill pan. Pasta is always fast, well as fast as water boils (quick tip, put the lid on a pot of water and it'll take less time to boil).

Tonight we had Flaken cut beef ribs (also known as Korean style), they're ribs cut cross wise of the ribs so you get 3-4 bone medallions with meat along one side). I seasoned one side of the ribs with salt, pepper, onion and garlic powder, and a dash of Worcestershire Sauce, and a light coating of teriyaki sauce on the other and then grilled. Cabbage salad (equal parts red and green cabbage a shredded large carrot and a chunked orange bell pepper. Penne Pasta with garlic butter and tossed with tomatoes and black olives. I had considered adding some shredded cheese to the pasta, and as it turns out I should have gone with my gut, because I'm the only one who liked the pasta.

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  1. Jess that looks soooo yummy! I'm gana take you up on your pasta girl!
    In Mexican food, pasta always has tomoto sause with chile verde (green salsa) on it.
    I just want to try yummy different recipes with the items I allready have.
    Haha....but you probably don't have that problem huh?:)

    oh and fiy: LOL! Tony and I love and watch Paula Dean!!!! Eeek!
    No lie:):)