Thursday, January 21, 2010

"head, shoulders, knees and toes, mac & cheese, peas and carrots"

Otherwise known as Tuna "helper". It's not from the box with the creepy talking hand, it's my own concoction (and I managed to spell that word without the aid of spell check!!) But same basic principal. Noodles, cheese, tuna, here's where I veer off the path, a bag of peas and carrots.

Start with 2 boxes of your favorite mac & cheese (we eat Kraft spirals in our house) follow the directions
1 Large can Tuna drained
1 lb frozen bag peas and carrots (the square carrot kind)

dump the veggies in when the pasta is about 3/4 the way cooked, then let it finish cooking and dump it over the tuna that should already be in the colander (warming the tuna in the process)
then add the butter and milk that the mac & cheese called for in the hot pot
with 4oz shredded colby jack cheese (about 1/4 of a 1lb block)
a few dashes of teriyaki sauce
a dash each of garlic, onion and pepper
and the cheese sauce powder mix stuff and whisk till combined
add back the pasta, tuna and veggies

It's not gourmet but gets lunch done in a hurry for a 3 yr old and isn't half bad.
This would normally feed my whole family lunch once, if we were all home (all 4 kids and 2 adults) with just me and the little ones dinning today looks like we have some leftovers for Monday? (unless the older kids spy it in the fridge and snag it tomorrow)

You can substitute the tuna for ground beef/chicken/pork and the veggie combo for what ever sounds good, and the teriyaki for BBQ sauce with equally good results. I always have the cheese to some extent, although sometimes I go with a white or milder cheese depending, and mushrooms can be fun in this also. Over all it's a pretty versatile child pleaser that can be thrown together in under a half hour (good for the lunch rush, or a mad dash dinner) also my favorite go to meal for something to fix and leave with the kids on date nights with DH.

Big plans for steak and shrimp tomorrow, and something brewing in my head with chicken chunks, potato chunks , carrots, and greens for tonight, not sure where that's going. We'll see!

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  1. I love your titles Jess! You should totally write a Cook Book!
    Your funny and best of all, your an excellent COOK! ...mmmmm carrots and fave!