Monday, January 18, 2010

"I wish I was a fishy in the Sea......"

I longed for fish stew all day, day-dreamed of fish stew, imagined fish stew. Or perhaps chowder would have been a better name for it? Well, it would have gone like this :
dice potatoes
add to chicken broth
add corn to broth
add butter beans to broth
add freshly made bacon bits to broth
add chunks of fish (or shrimp or both)
season, and add a dash of cream to smooth it out, not to make it creamy tho, just so it wouldn't have been thin feeling on the palette.

No dice, DH was not feelin the fish soup.

I already had the Mahi-Mahi thawed!! And by golly there was going to be bacon bits and cream tonight! Plan B
Macadamia encrusted Mahi-Mahi in a coconut milk reduction with bacon bits over rice with bok-choy.

Not all these steps are necessary but I will include them so that you can have an authentic dinner prep experience.

Get ready to go to the store, to pick up last minute items for supper. This includes a 5 min argument on weather the 10 month old should have to go with me. I didn't think she should, she didn't.

Wander the store (cause you're there alone). I had a small list: coconut milk, macadamia nuts, cream (I am not sure why this was still on my list), bacon, and for some reason the bok-choy looked super yummy and so did the raspberries so they came home too.

Once home, ask DH to plunger the sink that is slow to drain while you chop the nuts, mix the nuts with equal parts Italian seasoned bread crumbs. Chop the bacon and get it into the pan.

Ask for more help, get ignored. Skin the fish and cut into smaller pieces then coat in breading and nuts. Remember that bacon in the pan? Well, I didn't so now it's mostly burnt, Dh claims that he thought "stir those bacon bits" was a one time event. Salvage some bacon drippings to brown the fish in. I'm not frying the fish I'm just trying to bring out the flavor of the nuts in this step. Once browned on both sides add the 2 cans of coconut milk and let simmer.

Guilt DH into chopping the Bok-Choy while you finish the sauce. Salt to taste. Cook rice (I'm sure you can handle that, if you have trouble with it just do what I did and buy a rice cooker, best $15 dollar gadget ever).

Layer Rice, Bok-Choy fish and sauce add raspberries on the side of the plate cause they're pretty and yummy.

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