Wednesday, January 6, 2010

"baby, it's cold outside" (and wet)

things you will need:
3-4 raw chicken necks, backs, wing tips, and innards (hearts and livers)
1 extra roasted chicken breast
6 cups vegetable broth (mine was left over from making Lasagna sauce, it had shredded carrots, tomatoes, lots of different colored bell peppers zucchini, red and yellow onions and loaded with herbs but just the broth bit I didn't need for the lasagna)
1 lb lima beans
1 lb mixed peas and carrots (the kind where the carrots are squares)
and the most important thing
1 hour to get the soup ready and in ppls tummies.....a Pressure cooker (because you wern't home like you thought you were going to be to cook the soup normally)

load the chicken parts into the pressure cooker with enough water to be level but not cover the meat
lock on lid and set dials (read your manual) let it get to whistling then time 30 min
turn off heat let pressure reduce and pull the meat out of the pot, then pick the meat off bones and discard bones.
add the chicken, vegetable broth, peas, carrots, beans into the pot with the water you cooked the chicken in (it's full of goodness)
Bring to a simmer, check for seasoning (salt/pepper)

2 ish C flour
heavy pinch Kosher salt
heavier pinch Baking Soda
nearly half a stick of butter
4 Tbs milk
4 Tbs sour cream

mix dry ingredients, pinch in butter till mixture is crumbly, then add milk and cream, but don't over work the dough just bring it together with a fork and then fold a few times and pat.
roll into large marble sized balls and drop into simmering soup. Cover soup till dumplings are all floating and fluffy looking.

So at the end of the day my check list looks like this:
Kids in school (although over an hour late, thank you Immunizations Clinic) : check
WIC apt : check (even tho I have to go back in one month instead of 3)
Neurological apt to solve the mystery of migraines : not so much, went to the Dr, but apparently, we still don't know what's causing them so more meds to try, and a new diet and exercise program too (hurray?)
Pick kids up from first day of school (DD went to school when she was younger but I started home schooling so DS 1 has never been in a class room, but they wanted to start going, so I signed them up) : check (and we're going to pretend no one got lost and was walking around crying a lil)
home work (this wasn't on my list at the start of the day but for some reason you send your kids to school for 6 hrs and they have to bring home extra?...WHAT do the teachers do all day?) : check (this is what made me start supper late)
(rush) cook dinner : check

The soup was warm and yummy, and relaxing, a nice way to end a drizzly, chilly and windy day.

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